Sunday, November 27, 2011

At Fault

At fault because it was once a decision made. At fault because it was something once thought of, and put into extreme action. Was there no thought of those affected? No thought of the other, the more important, the emotionally in charge. It is always just a game of cat and mouse, right? or hurt on hurt. Is love that naive to actually have rules involved. True matters of the heart can only involve science, so how does love hurt if the heart still beats and there is no basic definition of four strong letters combined. The heart must be connected to the stomach, because those similar butterflies that occur when freshly beginning and horribly ending are cramping, the most amazing turned into the worst menstrual cycle known to man. Is it unheard of for human life to make mistakes? For an individual to only be reprimanded based on the wrong doing and not the amazing feelings placed on a union once everything is blissful, how common. In this absolute belief that love involves forever, it involves painful memories, painless memories, that only two can share, laugh at, and reiterate the known fact that in the end its all perfectly worth it. Because when it is all said and done the heart still beats, passion still flows, smiles still occur, and tomorrow is another day as long as its another day in a no matter what its embraced kind of love ...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let it go.

We are not loving in the past, We will love in the present. I do not expect to deal with the collectors Items intertwined with those previous memories you most likely hold dear to your heart. They are in fact memories, the hard evidence should have been washed away in the flood of our tsunami like love. To believe a lover can become a friend is to believe a woman would enjoy dinner with her lovers previous seducer, impossible. Age is not a factor, mental capacity either, however love is a selfish thing. I do not share, not with any woman who held a value similar to mines at one point in time because this current one is en route to diamond. A man begs for a love of passion and detail, do not compromise the gift with your inability to release the past endeavors, Let it go.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Life or Death

"So, since you agreed to this all you have to do is swab your upper and lower front gums with this stick." As the swabbing occurs the mind is racing, trying to figure out why it agrees to this every time the offer is proposed. "Now you sit and wait for the results, it only takes about twenty minutes, so don't worry, you will know before your visit is over." The mind does some more wandering, it skips to this place with a dead end terrified that this could be it. Then it roams to a hopeful place guaranteeing that all interactions have been with trustworthy individuals whom would never deceive in such a detrimental way. Believing the person admitting this horror is psychic or has an extreme leg up on reverse psychology its questioning why the "don't worry" ... should there be worry involved? This is and will always be twenty of the worst minutes in life.
It is a fact that most people will avoid these twenty minutes, they turn down the offer, too afraid to even venture into that realm. But why? The denial factor definitely has to be present, people must believe that they are exempt from this happening to them. In reality it is an epidemic, occurring in all societies, those who find out and deal with it and then those who run from it but internally know. They probably see it as a torture method, someone giving them twenty minutes to regret all the horrible and reckless things they have done in the past then letting them know whether or not they will be penalized for them. It makes you wonder what sick mind created this monster, maybe an extreme Halloween lover, as a trick or treat method of curing the human promiscuous nature: Give them something with no cure, teach them a lesson. These are only the thoughts in the first ten minutes love, there are still ten more minutes to go.
Everyone knows someone who has fallen victim to these twenty minutes. That is the person that comes to mind now, the thoughts of how they are living and coping with the news. Thinking what it was like when their twenty minutes was over finally finding out they are being punished without an answer as to why. Then the time proposes that "what if" wall, what if that trustworthy person wasn't so trustworthy after all, what if they never took up the offer when proposed these twenty minutes. However, in the last two its all reassurance because deep down there is hope that the good will outweigh the bad and promises to god will do the trick once again.
So, now your looking at the issuer as if there is something owed, and finally the answer: "I just wanted to let you know you were negative." A sigh of relief and special appreciation to the people making it possible because thanks to them it will always be life or death.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain = Rebirth

Rain. Not freezing cold rain or sweat under a hat rain, perfect rain. A rain that arrives in an ample amount to make the ground feel as though it is having the cleanse of a lifetime. It doesn't make you want to sing that horrible song "Rain Rain Go Away ..." because an appreciative person understands that it is here as a blessing not a burden. Realistically, why send the rain away if it will only come again? In which case the dreadful song will be repeated.
Rain to an understanding individual means birth and rebirth. It is only positive and one can only be thankful for the drops to the face or the wet jeans and socks taken off once inside. When the drenched clothes are hanging dry and there is the opportunity to sit or lay, a relaxed feeling takes over the entire body. This feeling creates an energy, gives light to new ideas, and helps solve any existing issues. It shows a person that, yeah, life moves too fast, but there will be at least one or two days in a month in which nature will slow it all down and give an automatic gift of new spirits by washing the old ones away. All because for some reason there is a rebirth in the ritualized rain, where thoughts are put into action and the future is full of light.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Appreciate This.

A wise man asks a question to his group of students:
"If an alien from outer space were to ask you to describe the place in which you live, how would you describe it?"

One individual in the group responds:
"A rotating hell hole!"

A second individual interjects:
"A planet called earth."

A third individual replies:
"A place that is circular and rotates. Its made up of 90% water and the rest is dry land on which my human species lives and survives on."

The wise man answers to his group:
"None of these answers, from a non-factual viewpoint were wrong, however if your describing this place where we live to an alien, none of those answers would cover even a partial description.
We live in a place where we are moving twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year, yet somehow it seems so still we can thread a needle while it is all occurring. This place is made up of seventy-five percent water, all of which originally has salt in it so we can not drink it, but somehow there is this thing that happens called precipitation which forms clouds in this place called the sky. The sky is so far above us no one person would ever be tall enough to reach however, clean water without salt, called rain, falls from there allowing us to drink it and survive. That rain falls on our twenty-five percent of land which we live on and feeds the plants and trees from which flavorful food grows out of providing us with meals twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. That food that we eat gives the people all the right nutrients so our nerves and functions can perform correctly, allowing us to have a baby, sing, and read all at once if we really wanted to.
I can imagine the alien would just look at you and say "bullshit!" There are so many aspects and miracles of our home that there would never be a reason not to appreciate everything that occurs for us on a daily basis. So no, this is no hell hole, it is a heavenly sent gift, however, the way you decide to enjoy that gift is solely up to you."

The students just looked at him in amazement because when you put it like that, how could a person be unappreciative.

My Beautiful Earth


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


No sleep, can't eat, not functioning correctly from the turmoil occurring right before your eyes. The knots take over your stomach leaving no room for much of anything else but the tears that speed up to those ducts. Before all this pain though, there was a future. It was as clear as day a little bit over twenty-four hours ago. Now however, that picture is blurry, the trees are bare, the snow is melting and the ground is slippery. Is this karma, does karma do these things, how could hate be so prevalent that it would cause a complete circle of suffering.
All there is to know is honesty, truth will prevail, so now can love be made? But if life was easy then where would all the adventures be ....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clean Decade.

There could be an attempt to describe the dirty decade, but it would only corrupt more time than it has already done. In a way it is slightly appreciated for its finish, for although much was learned, much was ruined.
The transition from such stages as girl to woman will only occur to about forty-nine percent of human beings. Where is the other fifty-one percent you may ask, well nine tenths of that number are scheduled to transform into men, not on time of course, and whatever else is left has most likely been hurt far too much all too soon, leaving them stuck in limbo. This, for a female, is probably her most crucial time, the phase where the Salmon Fish Scale Women's Nike Blazer begins taking up unwanted space in ones closet and the Twelfth-Street by Cynthia Vincent's caravan platforms are priority. While the males are busy eroding all what the parents have taught them in the last twenty years, the females are embracing it. The moment when it is clear that a female is never in need of a partner, it is only an additive to life's many extras, for the necessity of a successful lifestyle is far more attractive. The passing of youth, it is always bittersweet.